Sustainable Investor Summit DACH 4th April Frankfurt

08:00    Registration & morning coffee

08:45    Chair’s welcoming remarks
Inka Winter, Chief Executive Officer, ESG Screen 17


09:00    World view panel

Topic: The sustainability spectrum and asset classes
•    Exploration of the constituent parts of the sustainable investment
•    Aligning language in DACH region: is there cohesion in terms?

•    Developments in the impact investor spectrum in DACH
•    How the SDGs developed as a tool to help investors allocate
•    Does fiduciary duty and responsible investment align?



Max Horster, Managing Director & Head of ISS-climate, Institutional Shareholder Services


Michiel Adriaanse, Head of Sustainable Investment Specialists EMEA, DWS

Elizabeth Corley, Senior Advisor, Allianz Global Investors 

Bastien Girod, Senior Corporate Sustainability Advisor, South Pole

Florian Kemmerich, Managing Partner, Bamboo Capital Partners​


09:45    Keynote

Topic: Developing a culture of social impact investing

Speaker: Elizabeth Corley, Senior Advisor, Allianz Global Investors



10:00    In conversation

Topic: Developing a sustainable pension investment strategy   



Peter Signer, Head of Special Projects & Former CIO, NEST Sammelstiftung

Ralph Kretschmer, Founder & Managing Partner, EBG Investment Solutions



10:20    Lead panel

Topic: Institutional allocations to sustainable strategies

  • Organisations leading the field: what drove them to change practices?

  • Post-allocation experiences of investors in returns and practicalities

  • How are allocations set to change and why?

  • Practical steps to catalyzing DACH market development 



Ralph Kretschmer, Founder & Managing Partner, EBG Investment Solutions


Alexander Bode, Partner, BB Alternatives

Steffen Klawitter, Director, Investor Relations, Finance in Motion

Peter Signer, Head of Special Projects, Former CIO, Nest Sammelstiftung


11:00    Refreshments and networking



11:30    Presentation
Topic: Impact investing in Germany


Dr. Martin Vogelsang, Managing Director, Bundesinitiative Impact Investing  









11:50    Alternatives session

Topic:    Investment opportunities in forestry 
•    Sector growth and returns
•    Metrics being tracked and why
•    Examples of impactful investments

Stephen Addicott, Partner, Stafford Timberland


12:10    Liquid Markets Panel

Topic: Developing the DACH liquid sustainable investment market

  • Is the exclusion of a few segments "Greenwashing"?

  • Is tracking error the enemy of ESG investments?

  • Is best-in-class good enough?

  • Investment in the best or engagement?

  • Is impact investing with profit-oriented equities/bonds possible?



Prof. Dr. Dirk Soehnholz, CEO, Diversifikator & Honorary Member, Sustainable Investing Commission, DVFA


Michael Huber, Senior Fund Manager, Raiffeisen Capital Management

Henrike Kulmann, Director, Sustainable and Impact Investing, UBS Asset Management

Heike Fürpaß-Peter, Senior Manager, Lyxor Asset Management

Dr. Henrik Pontzen, Head of ESG, Union Investment Institutional

Hans Stegeman, Head of Research and Investment Strategy, Triodos Investment Management


12:45    Presentation

Topic: Sustainable balanced and bond funds: Management and  transparent reporting

Cristoph Klein, Managing Partner, ESG Portfolio Management

13:00    Lunch and structured networking

13:30    Bundesinitiative Impact Investing Open Forum 

An open forum working lunch discussion run by the Bundesinitiative Impact Investing (BII), the German impact investing association. Learn more on the role of the BII in helping mobilise capital to solve societal and environmental challenges in Germany and beyond, find out about the latest initiatives, and discuss how you can contribute to building the regions impact investment ecosystem. This session will be off-the-record, enabling open conversation.



14:00    Panel

Topic: Metrics and management masterclass

  • How measurement delivers value in portfolio businesses

  • Aligning investor and manager metrics

  • Developing better reporting of non-financial outcomes  

  • Methods to drive fundraising success



Dr. Christin ter Braak – Forstinger, Founder, Chi Impact Capital 

Prof. Dr. Barbara Scheck, CEO, European Center for Social Finance & Professor, Munich Business School

Daniel Sailer, Executive Director, ESG Research, MSCI


14:30    Presentation

Topic: Utilising the SDGs in investment decision making


Frank Ackermann, Managing Director, SDG Investments


14:40    SDG Open Space Session

Run using Open Space Technology principles, attendees can choose, or propose, a group discussion around progressing one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, delegates are free to join any number of discussions.  At the end of the session topic leaders will share highlights and outcomes.

Submit an idea ahead of the event: email


Led by:
Inka Winter, CEO, Screen17


15:40    Refreshments and networking


16:00    Presentation

Topic: Private equity´s role in delivering the SDGs: Good practice and possible approaches


Andrew Betz, Investment Manager, Stafford Capital Partners


16:10    Panel

Topic: Utilization of the SDGs as an investment framework in private equity

  • How the SDGs and the responsible investment spectrum intertwine: is there a gold standard?

  • Is the achievement of the SDG agenda a selection criterion for an investment decision?

  • What are the practical steps to keep in mind when implementing an impact investing strategy.

  • Are institutions increasingly using the Global Goals to direct allocations? What is the global experience?

Hans-Peter Dohr, Executive Partner, ICA Institutional Capital Associates


Andrew Betz, Investment Manager, Stafford Capital Partners  

Keimpe Keuning, Executive Director, LGT Capital Partners  

Dirk de Vlaam, Managing Director Investor Relations Europe, Sarona Asset Management

16:40    Regulatory presentation

Topic: Update on the EU action plan on sustainable finance

  • Key actions overview

  • Taxonomy (action 1)

  • Clarifying institutional investors' and asset managers' duties (action 7)

  • Next steps in development and what it means for your portfolios


Speaker: Frank Dornseifer, Managing Director, Bundesverband Alternative Investments

16:55    Focus panel 2019
Topic: Gender and diversity investment opportunities
•    The business case for investing in SDG 5 & 10 
•    Development in the institutional product spectrum
•    How can you integrate positive practices into existing investments?
•    Risks of impact washing: how can you ensure your activities have true impact



Stephanie Petrick, Head of Impact Investing, PHINEO



Anke Dembowski, Co-Founder, Fonds Frauen

Maguy MacDonald, Senior Equity Product Specialist, AXA Investment Management

Tim Radjy, Managing Partner, AlphaMundi  

Antje Schneeweiss, Researcher, Südwind Institute, Investment Committee Member, Dreilinden 


17:35    Chairs closing remarks & start of networking drinks    


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